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Abs to Flabs in 10 Days???? – Ben Mallinson

Abs to Flabs in 10 Days???? – Ben Mallinson.. First off I just want to once again say thank you so much to evryone for their support and well wishes leading up to the competition, can’t tell you how much it meant! Incase anyone doesn’t know I had a slight set back on the day; […]

Blog Week 20– Ben Mallinson: The Final Week

HALLELUEJAH!!!!!!!  You might have guessed I’m feeling better than last week lol, I stuck to the game plan I laid out last week and it’s really worked well.[more…] Stood here I’m 7 days away from show day feeling fantastic, I’m lean and full after a good refeed yesterday and a decent final Quad/Hamstring Session. My […]

Blog Week 19– Ben Mallinson: 2 weeks out

  To sum up this week, being totally honest, it has been a living nightmare. I woke up on Bank Holiday Monday happy at the prospect of a day off work, smash some training/extra cardio etc, but something just didn’t click. After breakfast I got ready for the gym, I had a good helping of Carbs pre workout with […]

Blog Week 18– Ben Mallinson: 3 weeks out

Blog Week 18– Ben Mallinson: 3 weeks out….I’ve had a REALLY good week if I’m honest I’m past the leanest point i’ve ever been before, with some bodyweight to play with and I feel better than I did in the last 2 previous weeks. The Cheat meal (which wasn’t a meal but a full on […]

Blog Week 17– Ben Mallinson: 4 weeks out

Blog Week 17– Ben Mallinson: 4 weeks out… I’m 4 weeks into my Carb Cycling and it’s really doing the trick,  I don’t think I’ve lost any muscle mass yet have continued to drop bodyfat   During 6 weeks out I had a day (Wednesday the day after high carbs) where for some reason I […]

Blog Week 15– Ben Mallinson: 6 weeks out

Blog Week 15– Ben Mallinson: 6 weeks out ..I’ve finished my first 2 weeks of Carb Cycling and the results are very noticeable, I’m a lot leaner and I havnt sacrificed any muscle mass HALLELUEJAH!!!!   The inevitable happened this week, I had my first day of feeling drained, however i’m not sure it was […]

Quest bars review

Quest bars,  well I’ve only ever heard positive things about them and from the first impression I got from them I was beginning to think I would only have positive things to say about them too. Even the packaging of quest bars stands out.All the colours used across the range of flavours that are available […]

Blog Week 13/14– Ben Mallinson: Final 8 Weeks

It’s been 2 weeks since I last checked in, this is due to a few factors, some personal but mainly because nothing in terms of my diet/training was going to change from my last blog until week 14 so I would have been finding clever ways to repeat myself :p As it’s turned out there […]

Maximum Sports Nutrition – Protein and Energy Bars.

Protein bars are frequently used by many different athletes for many different purposes. A wide variety of macronutritient combinations (protein, carbohydrates, and fats) provide a nutrient source regardless of an athlete’s goal. Protein bars range from high protein, low carbohydrates to high protein, high carbohydrates. Such a vast array of bars ensures that there is […]