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Kinetica Pro Release

Kinetica Pro Release

Pro release is a new product from Kinetica Sports which delivers a sustained release of protein blends, pro release is  designed for a blend of fast, medium and slow proteins for optimal protein synthesis and muscle recovery, Kinetica is a company known for using high quality ingredients, kinetica always seem to excel in the quality of there products, Kinetica Pro release is manufactured to the highest industry standards, which promises a sustained release of amino acids into the body through out the day and night. I have to say my initial impressions were good and I was looking forward to sampling this new product.

kinetica pro release

Taste (Chocolate Brownie)

As a fitness enthusiasts I have tried a wide range of protein powders and Kinetica pro Release  ranks highly up there as one of the best for taste, to be perfectly honest I wasn’t expecting it to taste that great due to having multiple protein blends in the ingredients, the casein tends to over power the other blends of protein but all in all the taste is pretty good, I even went to as far as mixing it with my oats in a morning and it wasn’t to bad.



Kinetica Pro Release mixes unbelievably well, a couple of shakes in a standard shaker and you have a thin consistency which is important, the one thing that I can’t stand, which you get with cheaper protein powders is lumps and bits when used in a shaker. I tried mixing it with water and milk for the purpose of this review and again I have no complaints.

kinetica pro release


It is always hard to tell on the results when using a new product for the first few weeks, I have been using Kinetica pro Release morning, post workout and before bed due to its unique blend of proteins it can be taken at any time of the day for a sustained release of amino acids into the body, DOMS has been significantly reduced after using this product, which could be due to its balanced blend of proteins which will provide optimum absorption of nutrients to the muscle, which would make an ideal protein for muscle growth and maintenance, as well as supporting recovery form an intense training session.

kinetica pro release


In conclusion to this review, this new product by kinetica excels in all areas, the only slight draw back is the price to serving ratio, however it is always worth spending a little extra just for better quality. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a protein supplement with different blends of protein, this protein powder includes milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate, egg albumin concentrate and whey protein isolate, each protein is digested and absorbed at different rate to provide the optimum time release blend perfect to use at any time of the day.

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