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Prohormones waste of money?

I want to take a Prohormone will i need to change my training and eating habits?

If you’re ready to use a Prohormone it’s because you’re eating and your training habits are at their peak and your needing that extra push. Don’t use Prohormones as an excuse because you’re not seeing those gains or goals that are due to you not eating correctly or training correctly. Whilst taking Prohormones never ignore those all-important cardio sessions even if it’s just a nice steady walk.

Ok what should be in your diet?

A good diet when bodybuilding is absolutely essential stick to the basics and you won’t go far wrong stay away from complicated and fad diets and stick with what works for you.

Basic foods

Protein: As a guide try to consume 1-2 grams of quality protein per pound of bodyweight.

Carbohydrates:  Again depending on your goals but between 1-2 grams of quality carbohydrate per pound of bodyweight

Fats: make sure you know your fats there are plenty of articles on the net so no excuse.

Fibre: We all know the importance of Fruit and Veg try taking at least 30-50 grams per day


Can I take PH with all my regular supplements?

Taking a good Multi Vitamin 3,6,9s is just good practise whilst not on Prohormones and will just give you extra protection whilst on a Prohormone. All your other supplements should be consumes as normal using creatine is ok too just make sure you drink lots of water.


Who do I buy from?

Always do your homework when it comes to buying Prohormones.

Prohormones are really popular hence the market is flooded making it really difficult to choose.

Always try a mild Prohormone first to see how your body reacts. RPN Havoc or Fusion Supplements Methdrol. Once you have tried and tested the water try SD1 by WPUK this is an outstanding Prohormone with limited side effects. You can buy any these products here  We will also give you information by phone on 01423 509 416.


Do I need to take anything else with a Prohormone

We would always suggest a good liver support like Milk Thistle making sure you have 200mg per capsule. Take 1 Milk Thistle to every PH this will keep your kidneys and liver flushed out and keeping you healthy.


What about alcohol I like a few drinks at a weekend?

Alcohol can have lots of negative effects on bodybuilders especially if you’re on a cycle, Prohormones can make your liver work to capacity without giving it more to do by drinking alcohol. PHs and alcohol should be strictly avoided.


Can I overdoes taking Prohormones

You should always follow manufacturer’s instructions and never take over recommended amounts. Don’t be a dummy look after yourself whilst on cycle!


Will Prohormones show up on a drug test?

Usually i would say no unless specifically ordered for anabolic steroids. Every-day work drug screens usually called Ten Panel are usually looking for recreational mood altering drugs such as marijuana, opiates and stimulants. Prohormones are usually taken orally and are broken down by the body very quickly and are usually out of your system within days.


Do I need to take anything after my cycle?

We would always say yes to this as you firstly don’t want to lose all those hard earned gains you have just made over the last few weeks. Don’t also be into thinking that you will keep on making that size of gains whilst off cycle. The Prohormone now has probably left your body and your thinking your natural testosterone levels will now take over the breach and you’ll keep all that muscle.. wrong! Whilst on cycle your body makes much less testosterone than normal it will possibly shut down all together whilst taking Prohormones. You now need what we call a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) to help raise your normal production of testosterone and also keep cortisol and oestrogen build up at bay.

Here are some products we would suggest you take for your PCT click here.

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