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Running in the cold.

With the mornings getting lighter and a few days ago you would think spring was on our door step. So a few of us traded in the treadmill for a nice brisk run outdoors. Outdoor running can be fun liberating and its much more comfortable than a treadmill in a stuffy gym. If your thinking hold on a second its ”bloody baltic out there” just follow these simple steps for outdoor running and you’ll be just fine..

Choose Warm Socks

Most running shoes are designed to let the warmth out from your feet in summer which is great, but not so great inwinter. By the time you have got 5 minutes out of the house your feet will be falling off . Be sure to keep your feet warm by wearing quality thick socks.

Put on layers

Once out it can take quite a while before you start to warm up, but once you do you’ll be wanting to shed layers. Be sure to wear layers that you can shed easily and tie around your waist. Gloves and hat that can be stored easily in the jacket pockets or a little ruck sack on your back to store the clothing as well as a drink.

Wear a Scarf

lots of runners don’t like to run when the temperature drops below minus as the cooler air hurts their lungs and throat. This is easily prevented by a scarf . The warm air from your breath keeps the air humid and easier to breath.

It can be slippy

Its really slippy in places depending of course where your running,  just be-careful as slipping can hurt and cause injury which means back to walking on the treadmill.

Just go gently

If you’ve been in doors on a treadmill for the last few months it may take your body a while just to get used to the colder weather, just take your time and ease yourself into it gently.


Its cold out there so your body will want plenty of Vitamin B and Vitamin C.  Orange juice or just a decent multi vitamin bought from any good health food store or sports nutrition shop will do just the job.

Music is a great motivator

Just listening to some of your favourite dance tracks can make all the difference

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