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Unregistered Personal Trainers Putting Clients At Risk?

Are unregistered personal trainers putting your business as well as clients at risk?
Unregistered fitness instructers are actually putting many clients at risk from serious injury and definitely won’t be insured says the Register of Exercise Professionals. Launching a new campaign they are urging fitness fanatics and gym goers and budding bodybuilders to ask for the appropriate documentation insuring they are properly qualified.
REPs are saying with more and more novice and experienced gym goers using fitness instructors there’s a rising proportion of people receiving inadequate as well as possibly harmful advice from untrained and unqualified instructors.

REPs say: ”All individuals embarking on some sort of exercise routine must have their workouts crafted by certified professionals that are able to generate real results”

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”Its vital anyone using a fitness professional whether a personal trainer or even down to a yoga instructor, need to check their credentials before they sign up to use their services.
Throughout the country you will find a number of people who are knowingly endangering themselves by putting their trust in the hands of rogue fitness staff, of which a rising proportion have had no training and consequently, their techniques may be hazardous, untested as well as not fit for the specific goals of a potential customer.
To gain membership to the register, instructors must prove to meet the required industry standards giving piece of mind to customers.

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Jean -Anne Marnoch registrar for REPs added people who use the services of a none qualified so called expert are putting themselves at risk in addition to not receiving an effecting programme.
None qualified fitness trainers may help explain the reason why over 50% of people cease visiting the gym after the first 6 months because they are not seeing any results and just getting poor advice. Unregistered fitness trainers also take work away from fully trained PTs, damaging the industry and the individual who has worked hard for his certification. In the event of  you thinking about using a personal trainer or fitness instructor ask the question, are you registered and can I see your certificates.

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