Q. How much Protein should I be taking to build muscle? Asked By James, Portsmouth    

A. Well there is a lot of confilcting advice on this subject, but from my experience I would recommend a minimum of 1.5 grams of Protein per lb of bodyweight, so if you weigh 200lb then you would be looking to consume a minimum of 300g of Protein.

Q. What should I be consuming post workout? Asked By Paul, Northern Ireland

A. Well post-workout it is important to consume both fast acting Carbohydrates and Protein, the Carbohydrates are needed for Glycogen replenishment and the Protein is needed to start the growth and repair process. The perfect blend would be 30-60g whey protein and 50-100g of glucose, the amounts depending on your bodyweight. It is important to consume this within 20 minutes of finishing your workout as your body will be primed to absorb more of these nutrients at this point. 

Q. I am currently training ab's every single day and still have no sign of a six pack, can you help me?  -Asked By Simon, York

A. Well Simon having a good 'six-pack' is not just about repeatedly training abs, its about bodyfat reduction. After doing the countless ab exercises that you have being doing, you will no doubt have built some good muscle and endurance in that area, but if you can't see any signs of definition then it's simple your bodyfat is too high!

What I would advise you to do is to keep your protein levels high and reduce your Carbohydrate and Fat content amounts, do your regular workouts and only train ab's once or twice a week, on top of this I would like you to do 30-45 minutes of medium pace (around 70% of your max HR) aerobic exercise eevry day, prefferebly before breakfast or after your weights workouts.

If you follow this for 2-3 months then you should definately start to see some good definition and a good set of ab's!

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